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CC Club on TV! Regulars Reflect on the 90-Year History of Our Rakish Sibling Establishment

CC Club Minneapolis, French Meadow's

CC Club is turning 90 next month!   The legendary dive bar (and neighbor/sibling to French Meadow) with deep connections to the Minneapolis music scene got a feature on KMSP-TV9 this week, with notable veteran regulars, including Tommy Stinson of The Replacements and Peter Jesperson of Oar Folkjokeopus, reminiscing on its 90-year history.    The CC Club's legal existence, after years as an alleged speakeasy, began in December of 1933, upon the end of Prohibition; it later became an anchor hangout for the South Minneapolis music and arts community, particulary in the '70s-90s.  It's accepted lore that the Paul Westerberg's song "Here Comes a Regular" by The Replacements is inspired by CC Club.

Oh, why is this relevant to French Meadow?  The CC Club has been owned by French Meadow since 2013, when it was purchased from its longtime owners, Mo and Sharon Emard and Linda Rauen.  From the beginning,  French Meadow owner Lynn Gordon vowed to maintain the integrity of the classic dive bar, considering it a cultural institution, by not changing a thing,  and it's kept to that promise, with one exception: the bar food was given a major upgrade, something longtime customers and employees appreciated.   We consider it our older, much cooler, slightly reprobate, sibling.   


"The soul of south Minneapolis: Regulars Remember 90 Years of the CC Club"