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Spotlight on Local Farm Partners at MN State Fair

Heirloom Tomato Turkey and Nitrate-Free Bacon Croissant Sandwich from French Meadow at the MN State Fair

French Meadow has a long history with local farm partners, especially important at the Minnesota State Fair, which celebrates the best of our state.  

Example:  Our Heirloom Tomato - Wild Acres Turkey & Bacon Croissant Sandwich showcases the hormone-free, free-range turkey from our longtime partner Wild Acres of Pequot Lakes, and luscious, juicy, farm-fresh heirloom tomato from Untiedt's Vegetable Farm of Waverly, a labor-of-love family farm devoted to sustainable practices and giving back to the community.

A reminder to support small farms! French Meadow's  MN State Fair heirloom tomatoes come from Untiedt's family vegetable farm
 Sandwich photo credit: SavvyPhotage